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13 août 2006

Castle Krivoklat

trip with Martinka - we had a great fun there :)


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29 juillet 2006

castles Zebrak and Tocnik

it was really great - we made 90km n i was really pround of me :)


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22 juillet 2006

bike ride - Jordan

it was really great bike ride, just too hot, but the view was awesome :)))

was there with Ervin - lets see the pics :)


later that day went with Dogan for mini-golf - it was really freat fun - i was nice surprosed, that im not that bad :))))


plus a few pics of nature close to the place where i live :)))


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17 juillet 2006

amazing bike-weekend :)))

this weekend was amazing - started with playing darts in No.1 bar - really fun, especcially i reaalu suck in this game, but had fun, was really happy when hit the dartboard :)))

btw have to talk with my friend ...  :))))


saturday went for a bike ride with Ervin, just two of us :)) enjoyed it a lot, we had great chat... 

we went to Dobris an Strz - where is museum of Karel Capek, trip lenght 64km, weather just right - 25degr.C, sunny


sunday bike ride again :))) felt like destroying myself a bit, went to Otava river, clore Strakonice, my favourite place - Steken.

made 69km, weather amazing, relax awesome !!! stopped in Blatna for coffee and had a look on wather-castle in Blatna :)), at the end waited for me - refreshing water of Otava :))


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09 juillet 2006

Football - finals of World Championship 2006

ok, was sad that France didnt win, but we had fun.... :)


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30 juin 2006


what to say ?! its amazing, i really "run through" Paris, i needed to worked it out in my mind - i love paris, but prolly would not like to live there - i prefer prag, prag is more private n more personal....

here a few pics, maybe write soon more about my trip to france n Paris on hi5, we will see...

btw. special thanks to my excellent friend Arnaud, who was my guide, n to his girlfriend Axelle, who let Arnoud go with me alone to Paris  :))) i love u guys, n hope to see u soon :)))


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29 juin 2006

France - vacation :))))


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15 juin 2006

mon amie Julien


here i want to remember absolutely great person - Julien :)

met him accidently in Kampa, Prague, CZ and really sorry he left to see more of the world, it was gerat meeting n im thankful - he made me laugh n thats what count :)))

good luck Julien in whatever u do.... :)


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31 mai 2006

trip to Karlstejn


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26 mai 2006

Padrtske rybniky


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